Training Services

training.jpgVCI provides a wide variety of training that can be presented at your location. The training sessions include classroom instruction presented by a member of the VCI staff coupled with hands-on activities used to emphasize course objectives. All participants receive a training manual with the slides and a lot of other valuable information.Training_image2.jpg

VCI's Context Sensitive Training© means that you get training that is targeted for your company. Many of the workshops include a structured discussion among the participants to answer the question 'how do we make this process work in our organization?' We provide an extensive list of classes, however if you don’t see what you're looking for, contact us. We can work with you to customize a class designed to meet your specific training needs. Call 734-274-4680 or email us at Ask VCI to find out how VCI can help you.

Excerpt from GMP and QSR Courses

We currently offer the following classes: