VCI's System

VCI provides complete compliance packages that are customized to your specific needs. You can choose to have VCI do most of the work, OR you can do most of the work with our guidance. It's your choice depending on your budget and time constraints. There are three simple (we won't say easy) steps.

1. We conduct a free assessment of your current state of compliance.

This is conducted by phone and should take less than an hour. We will ask you what your budget and timeline for compliance are, and how much time your employees can afford to spend on the project.

2. We craft a Strategic Compliance Plan that is customized for your company.

This plan will include:

  • Employee Training Sessions
  • Customized Standard Operating Procedures
  • Customized GMP Compliant Forms
  • Validation Master Plan, protocols, and final reports
  • Customized Quality Manuals
  • Product/Label/Formula Review
  • Post project audit

3. You choose the options that you feel will serve your needs best.

All packages are priced individually with discounts for multiple packages. A full GMP Compliance Package may include all of the above mentioned packages, and will prove to be the most economical.

Bringing VCI in to work on your backlog will usually prove less expensive than hiring permanent personnel – AND you tap into a network of knowledge that insures that your project is compliant. Call (734) 274-4680 or email us at Ask VCI to find out how VCI can help you.