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The US Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices regulation for food, 21 CFR 110, tells you what needs to be done, but not how to do it. VCI will help you find out how to do do it, AND stay within the budget. For instance 21 CFR 110.35 (c) says “No pests shall be allowed in any area of the food plant.” But what does that mean operationally. We show you how your company's sanitation procedure should describe what tasks will be done to ensure that there are no pests in the plant, when or how often these tasks will be done, where they will be done, who will be responsible, and how success will be monitored.

Does everyone on your team know that a mouse can crawl through an opening of less than a quarter of an inch? Does everyone know what the microbial growth curve is? VCI's training seminars  will insure that you have the knowledge that you need to be compliant.

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